Not sure how much it costs to move to Hawaii? If you’re dreaming of making the move and you want to know how much money you’ll need, we’ll help you add it all up.

Cost #1: Your Plane Ticket

Of course, you’ve got to get yourself to Hawaii, so the first cost you need to consider is the cost of your flight.

Looking for ways to pay as little as possible for your flight?

Book a one-way ticket
You’ll pay less out of pocket, and you’ll save yourself the hassle of figuring out when you might want to return. Although many airlines have waived change fees, if you book in basic economy (usually the cheapest fares), there can be restrictions or charges around changes. Skip it all, and go for that one-way fare.

Use a flight search engine & stay flexible
We like Google Flights or Kayak to find the best flight deals and scan future dates for cheap fares. Stay flexible and look for mid-week flights to Hawaii, which are often cheaper. Tip: Don’t forget to check They recently opened routes to Hawaii, and their tickets don’t appear on Google Flights or Kayak.

Sign up for price alerts
Google Flights and Kayak also allow you to sign up for alerts, so you’ll get an email with the daily price of your flight—very handy for watching fares.

COST: $200-$500 for a one-way ticket from the continental U.S.

Cost #2: Move Your Stuff

Next, once you’ve figured out how to get yourself to Hawaii, you’ll need to figure out how to get your stuff there. You’ll have a couple of options that range in price:

Cost #3: A Place to Crash

Finally, you’ll need a place to stay until you find permanent housing on Hawaii.

Figuring Out Your Costs to Move to Hawaii

Now that you know the numbers, it’s all up to you. How will you move to Hawaii? Once you know the answer to that question, you’ll also know exactly how much money you’ll need to make the transition to paradise.

Want to cost out sending a container to Hawaii? Request a quote from our Hawaii experts. We’ll get you the best deals anywhere on DIY moves to Hawaii.

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